December Journal

Happy Holidays

Everybody ready for the holidays? It’s been a fantastic year and we’d like to take a moment to say a huge thank you to all our clients, colleagues and collaborators. Office Twelve will be closed for the holidays from Friday 22nd December until Tuesday 2nd January. We hope you all have a peaceful and merry holiday season wherever you may be. Stay safe, stay cosy, see you next year!

We couldn’t possibly let December pass without paying homage to the once coolest store in all shoppingdom, Colette. A mecca of style way before the digital era, Colette is closing its doors this week after twenty years.

Our creative founder, Jonathan Penton, remembers encountering the weird and wonderful worlds that opened up beyond its doors.

Christmas trees have gone inverted like Karl Lagerfeld’s design for Claridges this year. We’re not sure whether it feels festive or apocalyptic.

Tree of Glass designed by Lee Broom for Aqua Shard is made up of 245 hand-blown glass LED pendant lights floating in formation. Each pendant comes together to create a single tree of light and glass in the shape of the building’s silhouette. Nice.

Anybody for a revamped 1967 Volkswagen bus Back To The Future time machine? Awesome, beautiful, and currently available to purchase in Nashville at a very reasonable $89,995.

It even features a working flux capacitator. (If you have to ask, this vehicle is definitely not for you.)

Feeling hungry and generous?

Why not adopt a chef for Christmas? the #AdoptAChef campaign supports independent chefs and businesses because no chef should be without diners at Christmas.

Screen Zombies

Urban streetscapes are now filled with people who remain glued to their screens while walking. As well as infuriating other pedestrians, there’s plenty of evidence that this behaviour seriously increases our chances of being hit by a car. Yet still the habit persists. So what to do about it?

Bodegraven in the Netherlands has installed LED light strips that synchronize with traffic signals at pedestrian crossings, to give smartphone zombies a heads-up even when their eyes are firmly cast down.

Complex and contemplative, this creative, reflective and magical blue-based purple suggests the mysteries of the cosmos and the intrigue of what lies ahead in a time that requires inventiveness and imagination.

We much prefer the colour they released in honour of the artist formerly (then once again) known as Prince. Now there’s someone who really knew how to do purple…

Mulberry pop-up gin bar

Add a dangerous frisson to Christmas shopping by heading to Burlington Arcade in Mayfair where Mulberry have opened a secret pop-up gin bar. Over the 12 days to Christmas, customers who shop at the temporary store will be treated to a complimentary mince pie and gin cocktail. But be warned… gin + shopping = catastrophic credit card bill.

Socks again for Christmas? We sent out a memo about that this month. Here’s some we made earlier… #rockyoursocks

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