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Seeding Your Way To Success

Product seeding campaigns are quickly becoming one of the most powerful tools in a marketing strategy. Influencer marketing itself has seen its market size almost double in value over the last 12 months. A well-executed seeding campaign is key to acquiring new customers anconnecting with consumers in a meaningful way. Influencers share similar interests and a lifestyle that some yearn for, their audiences aspire to them and as a result the influencer gains the power of trust amongst their audience.  

However, communicating through an influencer is harder than it looks. Influencers are gifted weekly and unless the brand pays for it, the influencer holds no loyalty. So how does a brand break through the noise and ensure the correct message is perceived to the desired audience? We have a few aspects to discuss that we believe is the key when looking to create a successful seeding campaign. 



(social influencer) A key individual with an extensive network of contacts, who plays an active role in shaping the opinions of others within some topic area, typically through their expertise, popularity, or reputation. 

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There is an influencer for everyone, no matter the age, interests, or values and just as there is an influencer for everyone, so is for a product or service. The right influencer will share your brand values and will promote your brand authentically and honestly, like no other paid advertisement can. When you pick the right influencer, you optimise your opportunities in meeting your objectives, whatever they may be, brand awareness, increase in purchases etc.

Once you reach the proposed audience, the opportunities do not stop there. Strong content will drive influencers followers to share the content with their followers, whether it’s through a simple direct message or sharing it as their own, as something they identify with. The power of a strong seeding campaign is boundless. 

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Step 2 Devils in the Details

We at O12 suggest you throw the ecomm bag out the window if you’re after success. Unboxing plays a crucial role in the difference between being ignored or that sweet spot of optimal viewer engagement. Whether the seeding campaign is for multiple micro influencers or one key macro influencer, there are many opportunities to create that Instagram-able moment and we believe packaging should not be overlooked.  

When it comes to the contents, you want to make sure they invoke the correct reaction. Don’t settle for anything less than the perfect ‘wow’ moment. Research is the answer to ensuring you can offer an exceptional experience. There are many ways in which you can add extra gifts or points of detail to make the seeding package show you care about the influencer and do not just view this as another advertising opportunity. In return it will show the audience the relationship you hold with their trusted influencer, evoking the same mutual emotions. We suggest you pay attention to the finest of details because every detail is a step further to authentic sharing and genuine enthusiasm 

Drogba x Nike Example

Back in 2018, O12 worked with Nike to create an elevated athlete seeding pack in honour or Didier Drogba’s football career by gifting a unique bespoke package and product. We created a sense of theatre and reveal presenting the footwear in a shelving unit which was decorated in personal memorabilia, such as laces customised with key life milestones printed on each one, his hometown football shirt, swooshes in his home flag colours and more. 

Drogba x Nike laces
Drogba x Nike

65% of consumers say they have purchased products after watching an unboxing video. Mesmerising packaging alongside theatrical and personable contents offer your influencer a seeding package that does all the talking.

Alongside the unboxing, the delivery of the seeding package is an added opportunity to offer your influencer another chapter in the narrative, adding an extra layer of intrigue and wonder for their audience.

Step 03 Think Outside The Box (Literally)
Nike x Suitcase example

O12 worked with Nike to send a seeding package innovatively through suitcases, with a personalised strap and contents. The suitcase arrived at the influencer’s door, offering that all important illusive surprise (and extra content).

In addition, at O12 we continuously look to weave a sustainable narrative where possible. In this case influencers were offered packaging which could be reused for future travels and a multipurposed life.

We believe the above recommended steps are the perfect recipe for a successful seeding campaign. Each of the steps are a key ingredient for influencers to create exceptional content, that stands out amongst the others. Providing your brand with organic sharing, increased word of mouth and sales.

Nike x Suitcase example
What We Think

Influencer seeding is a strong, successful way to connect with your audiences that truly purpose led. If you’re not already working with influencers, then why not start with a bang. Why settle for mediocre when you can deliver the extraordinary? 

We’ve had our fair share of working with brands on their seeding campaigns for major and macro influencers to create the content that counts. We have even taken the concept a step further at The Grail Tour event, where we invited influencers to a controlled environment to create out of the ordinary content. Bringing them to a space which details Jordans history too, educating and creating a stronger bond between the brand and the influencer. Taking them through a theatrical journey of opening their dedicated locker space which only they had the key to, to get to their gift.  

O12 do it bigger and better. O12 can provide insightful design solutions that allow the brand and the customer to create authentic content – together – and share it across social media and other online channels. Reaching the right people at the right time. Generating brand awareness, motivating buying intention and driving traffic via increased media value. Get in touch if we can offer a hand in your brands seeding package.

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