Our Sustainability & Environmental Policy

We can’t say that we are a “sustainable” company. We are not. We are, however, a company, that actively and progressively works towards minimising the impact we have upon our environment.

We love to design; therefore, we love to make. Through our designs we continually drive the use of materials and manufacturing methods that aim to limit the effects on our surroundings. We are heading in a positive direction. We’d really like you to join us on this journey of continuous improvement where innovation and transparency is key.

As part of our on-going commitment to address sustainability through design we are avid supporters and working partners with Plastic Oceans UK, an organisation focused on solving the plastic crisis through science, sustainability and education programmes. We fully support the Re-Circle programme; Rethink. Redesign. Reduce. Reuse. Re-purpose. Recycle by offering an annual donation and opening the use of our services to support this cause.

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