We are a creative design agency who are passionate about Employee Experience and the positive impact that it can have on a business. A workplace environment should reflect the business vision, mission and strategy, creating a space that empowers employees and improves engagement.


If you’re looking for a standard office fitout, you’ve come to the wrong place; we pioneer employee experience. This is the ever-growing principle which transforms customer experience into the workplace. The theory of building environments that resonate with characteristics that make a company great, expressing them through emotive experiences and interior design. Ultimately enhancing learning, productivity, and the overall workplace environment for employees and clients.


Go from employment to engagement, providing your employees with purpose.

Employee Experience

Elevating experiences is at the core of our process and creative principles. We collaborate with clients across operational and cultural platforms to support businesses in defining and developing superior corporate interiors that realise the power of experience.

Corporate Identity

To maximise the potential results of employee experience, a business’ corporate identity needs to ring true. We offer a number of consultation and design services that will help your corporate identity come to life, strengthening your business’ mission, vision, values and culture both internally and externally.

Space Planning

To maximise employee engagement, space planning is a great tool that allows workforces to be their most productive. Promoting collaboration, creating isolated areas for individuals to work, as well as social areas for genuine breaks, are just some ways that can enable a way to significantly increase employee engagement.

“Reaction to our new Leicester HQ has been incredible – Thank you to Office twelve for creating the best office space in Leicester. TIME TO DREAM BIG!” Rob Poutch, Director, Imperial Corporate Events.

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