Environmental impact is now a big part of consumer awareness and it seems you can’t do right for doing wrong. From packaging, to materials, to dyes, to waste. The challenge for brands and ourselves is immense, and so is the opportunity. We cannot become sustainable overnight, but we can work towards it every day.


Concern for the Planet tops retailer loyalty and is having a huge influence on customer decision making and behaviour. A report from Drapers online suggests that nearly half of UK shoppers say that they are likely to shop with an alternative retailer if they offer sustainable delivery options. As a result, brands are now prioritising sustainability.

May saw the 10th anniversary of the Copenhagen Fashion summit with a gathering of over 300 industry leaders, looking to tackle the challenges around sustainability, circularity and workers’ rights in the fashion industry.

As shoppers continue to become more environmentally conscious; brands, retailers and designers need to explore ways in which the customer experience, brand stories, product stories and physical environments demonstrate commitment to sustainability. Progress is gathering momentum but needs to go much further by enforcing consideration and awareness throughout the creative process.


Ethical and sustainable brands are winning more fans as they find more interesting ways to tell their stories.

Concept stores such as the Yootha project are working with small and ethical brands, providing them a platform to sell clothing, footwear, accessories, homeware, art and books in an interactive yet socially aware environment.

Many brands are offering increasingly sustainable products, but the product is not enough. To deliver the authenticity that customers are craving, every element relating to the product and brand needs to ring true. From production, to packaging, to instore display and experience, the story needs to be consistent and reflect the ethos of the brand.


The concept of waste reduction is all around us and consumers are demanding it. From overpackaged goods to throw away fashion, it is our opinion that certain consumers, specifically millennials and Gen Z, would be willing to pay more to have less impact on the planet. Brands will lose customer loyalty if environmental impact is ignored. The time has passed where we can play lip service to the cause and spin it into a PR win. It is time to respect our consumers and our world.


We believe that sustainability can look innovative and beautiful. It does not need to be a compromise; it needs to be a conscious decision.

As an agency we feel it is our responsibility to not only reduce the impact in the creative process but to consider everything from design, to sourcing material, production, delivery, installation and after-life. Plastic plays a big part in all of our lives and can be difficult to avoid. Where possible we recycle, reuse, repurpose and dispose of material responsibly.  We have partnered with Plastic Oceans to raise awareness foe the ever-growing mountain of waste we are creating as consumers.

We are a creative agency and make no bones about it. We appreciate the challenges are complex, and sustainability can be measured in many ways.  By thinking consciously, we are creatively evolving and exploring solutions to lead the way in sustainable consumerism. These incremental steps we are making are helping to support our partners and clients take sustainable steps forward.

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