The power of brand! Something we are truly passionate about. We believe that a brand toolkit can unlock any brands true potential. A brand should be able to stand true anywhere and everywhere it appears…physically, digitally and all the in-betweens. We consider ourselves brand experts and this is our take on brand toolkits. 


We worked with Virgin Trains on their brand Toolkit for their estate of First Class Lounges. Virgin wanted to ensure that their First Class Lounge experience went beyond the train carriage, providing a consistent and very positive brand interaction between virgin and its first class ticket holders. Throughout their estate we created and executed a toolkit that highlighted signage and wayfinding along with graphics. Throughout the document we also incorporated circulation spaces and facilities of the space. Virgin later commission us to deliver all of their permanent First Class lounges throughout the country.

The Fiskars group contacted us to work on a toolkit for their global retail estate, firstly looking at their outlet stores. Their outlet stores housed several of their brands including Wedgwood, iittala, Royal Copenhagen and more. Using three principles of attract, engage and connect, we designed a series of clear merchandising and communication structures to assist in brand terrorisers and limit autonomous store initiatives. We went on to deliver outlet stores throughout China, Japan and Germany and haves since delivered independent flagship stores for Wedgwood and Royal Copenhagen.

“I would absolutely recommend working with O12 on any retail/commercial space projects, thanks to their fresh-thinking approach to design & their outstanding account management skills.” Carl Morris, Brand Manager, Virgin Trains

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