Ben & Jerry’s reached out to agencies to assist in launching their new products, Cookie Dough Twists and Cookie Dough Chunks. The goal: Catch the press’ eyes to get attention on the new products through seeding packages. Office 12, pitched alongside other agencies and drumroll, please… O12 were the humble winners with the concept, A twisted merry dough round, a game for ice cream lovers to enjoy.


To celebrate the launch of their new cookie dough twists flavours, Rain-dough and Dough-ble Chocolate, Ben and Jerry’s wanted to create something that would spark the attention of the public and as with any product launches media coverage . Ben and Jerry’s wanted to create a seeding package. At the forefront of the brief Ben & Jerry’s sought after an eco-conscious seeding package. It was to be offered to the wider public, rather than the usual ‘influencer’ with a specific demographic, so the final product had to be enjoyable for all, with only a love for ice cream required. Overall, they wanted to create a moment to share with their customers, to launch and elevate the products.

Ben & Jerrys Seeding Package


O12 took the brief a step further through the board game, A Twisted Merry Dough Round. The arrival of the seeding package not only created a memorable event but kept a role in the home of the receiver. The board game is entirely made of card and is recyclable or can be kept for future use. Additionally, the board came with stainless steel utensils, which could be used for enjoying ice cream without the game.

The board game reflected the products chaotic, fun nature in design and in game play. O12 worked with Ben & Jerry’s to ensure the instructions and cards (such as, take ‘3 chunks and try to juggle for 10 seconds) delivered a cosy night in for 2-6 players, no matter the age. With the goal, to just have fun and in the end, get the most tasty treats against your competition.

The Result

The Twisted Merry Dough Round board game, made it to the press with a lot of recognition around the anniversary and new products. To receive a game, Ben & Jerry’s loyal fans were asked to sign up to be in with the chance of receiving one. With a limited number available, only a lucky few were able to get them, and they went quick. O12 continue to work with Ben & Jerry’s on new and exciting projects, watch this space!

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