Boo is a family-run brand based in Leicester who currently have a Burger takeaway space on London Road, Leicester, serving locally sourced, high-quality products at competitive prices. With the growing success of their London Road location, the team wanted to expand the brand further. Boo contacted O12 after securing a space within the recently developed Food Court at Fosse Park, Leicester.

Boo wanted an agency that could realise their vision and understand their ambition for the future of the brand. Boo had already established the brand, but they wanted to develop a stronger brand identity in order to support the forecasted expansion, not only at a physical level but digitally too. Boo wanted all touch points of the brand to be considered from social content to the physical menu to the materials used, everything needed to be considered. Boo wanted to create something out of the ordinary and not just a standard burger takeaway restaurant. They requested a presence which could be adapted throughout any future additional stores, a concept which read unequivocally Boo, but also offered a new experience, so the consumer never feels in the same place twice.


O12 held a series of workshops with the Boo Management Team to establish a collaborative and open relationship, this also allowed O12 to become fully immersed in the Boo brand. Boo wanted to cause disruption to the burger market by creating something different. The brand itself already took some influences from urban culture along with boutique fashion retail. O12 wanted to develop this further and take inspiration from ‘limited luxury’ brands with the aim to create brand hysteria, loyalty and strengthen this core proposition.

With a variety of menus available, Boo desired to be the place for breakfast, lunch, dinner, takeaway and a place to hang out or work. To achieve this O12 needed to consider the different audiences and what their journeys would be in the space. The dine in audiences needed to be a different experience to those who were dinning out whilst still experiencing the Boo brand and service. Within the entrance O12 incorporated a takeaway waiting area for customers and delivery drivers allowing the flow of takeaway customers to be effectively managed. The dinning area is a centrepiece that offers flexibility in experiences, whether customers are a single diner, large family or a group of friends who want a hand spun Boo shake, the space has been designed to cater to all. Tapping into the honest elements of the Boo brand, O12 created an open and transparent environment which heroes the kitchen along with additional bar seating, allowing customers to see their food being made first-hand.

The customer toilets were also taken into consideration to amplify the Boo offering, by creating a clean-cut design with bold blue lighting throughout. Seasonal interchangeable glazing graphic have also been designed for easy rotation alongside staff T-shirt branding. A prayer room was also added to the concept, something that is close to the Boo management Team, allowing their Muslim customers and staff to have a private area for prayers.

In addition to supporting the growth, O12 wanted the brand throughout all customer touch points including print and digital to feel Boo. A toolkit style guide was created to drive consistency and outlined how to style key content pillars such as photography and graphics.


Boo had a successful opening at the Food Court, Fosse Park, Leicester in July and have since been reporting long queues and has had an increase in their PR coverage during this time frame. By creating a physical store Toolkit, Boo have now established their foundation to expand to Loughborough, Nottingham, Manchester, and possibilities for further afield. Additionally, O12 have taken over the social strategy for Boo creating content inline with the style guide, Boo have now reported that engagement rates have doubled and have had an 11% increase in followers since the launch of the store.

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