To create an end to end retail and digital journey that empowers women to ensure they are properly supported in their athletic journey.

As part of the launch of a new Nike Sports Bra collection, Nike wanted to raise awareness and educate women in selecting the correct sports bra for their given sport. Consumer research has shown a large percent of women wear the incorrect sports bra size and are also not aware of the nuances of different sports bras sizing and types for different sports.  

O12 were approached to create an end to end retail journey that is focused on educating women on how to purchase the correct sports bra, empowering women with the right tools to be the best they can be at their sport. Additionally, Nike wanted the concept to take an omnichannel approachbringing digital into the physical environment and experience but, also allowing the full experience to live independently for those consumers who would be unable to visit and partake in the retail experience 


An immersive retail and digital experience that work in tandem to create an easily accessible journey for the perfect fit.

O12 approached this with the same passion as Nike and made the primary goal of the experience to focus on educating women on correct bra sizing. Comfort, intimacy, and an easy to digest step-by-step immersive approach needed to be at the forefront.

However, a number of challenges needed to be kept in mind when designing the solution. Firstly, the retail setup of the campaign would need to travel to key Intersport doors across Europe and would therefore need to live in several varying spaces and layouts.

Secondly, although bra fitting seems like a process many women should be familiar with, the research showed that when translating to the nuances of different sports things sometimes seemed to go wrong.

Keeping these challenges in mind, O12 decided to go for a modular build approach. This would allow the concept to flex to the different retail spaces, as well as physically breaking down the education process into a step-by-step journey. The concept was further designed to allow the customer to either complete the journey independently should they wish, or conversely make sure that a helping hand would be available throughout each step if required. 

Blending tactile with digital, customers are led through a welcoming information station before being provided with bespoke tape measures and ushered into a discrete measuring and fitting room.  Inside, they are given the choice to use instore digital screen, the app or microsite available via QR codes and are gently walked through the fitting process before being given their custom recommendation.  

Because empowering sport is the ultimate goal, consumers can input any number of their preferred sports, so that nuanced and custom fits are based on their sports of choice and are all included in their bra size recommendations.  

On site ‘Bra Experts’ are on hand to assist in the shoppable pop up experience. Integration with the eCommerce platform is also provided for those consumers not physically in store.   


Now on its journey across nine different locations throughout Europe, the pop-up Sports Bra experience has already seen high numbers in consumer engagement both instore and digitally.

The pop up and digital experience has been greatly received in its first location of Engelhorn Mannheim, with influencers and social channels used to leverage the experience. Those who cannot attend the physical store can experience the same education through the microsite, which is available in four different languages. The space has seen great numbers in consumer engagement and triumphed in delivering a successful omnichannel endtoend journey to the consumer.  

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