A European Press event, creating engagement around the story and launch of the spring/summer collections.

Office Twelve designed, manufactured and built a space for Converse’s three-day European press preview event in Paris, assisting in the launch of their spring/summer collections.

Key to the press day was the product launch of the new ‘Well Worn’ Chuck Taylors, this was the core of the overall design concept as it formed part of a wider campaign.

Other products to be exhibited were from Jack Purcell and Converse CONS collections.

The main objective was to bring the collections to life through creativity and design, creating a story around each collection.

If done right, the press and other invitees will gain an immersive understanding of the story behind each shoe, counting toward a successful launch.


Intellectual design that encouraged onlookers to engage with the space, gaining insight into the story behind the product.

The event was staged at the Maison de L’architecture in Paris, a space perfectly fitting for the ‘Well Worn’ product, due to its similar well-worn interior.

The space was a key concept to the design, exploiting the worn and aged architecture of the chapel, stimulating an experience for the press to explore upon entering the event.

Carefully curated spaces were designed and made with a strategy to engage the audience by encouraging them to think differently.

Using urban debris and fragments with products placed among them, upon the first look its nothing out of the ordinary.

Upon a closer look, the display of products presented an iconic silhouette of the Paris skyline.

The Jack Purcell collections appear to be presented in a simple room set.

On closer inspection, single sneakers were placed on half a table and half a chair, positioned against a mirror, creating an optical illusion of a whole.

A collage feature wall showcased the Chuck Taylor primary colour themes of the spring/summer collection.

Displaying simple yet powerful messaging, that pioneer the sneaker over a shoe.



The story behind each collection was effectively told through design, counting toward the success of the product launches.

A successful three-day press event that formed part of a wider campaign for the ‘Well Worn’ product range.

The design itself won a Cream Midlands Gold Award and was shortlisted for an International Interiors Design Award.

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