To create a commercial and profitable concept with clear and scalable branded spaces for selected hosting brands throughout outlet stores.

Fiskars contacted O12 to create a concept and toolkit for their global retail estate, focussing mostly on their outlet offering. Fiskars outlet stores house several of their brands that fall into the group including Wedgewood, iittala, Royal Copenhagen and more. The objective was to create a commercial and profitable concept with clear and scalable branded spaces for selected hosting brands.

In order to build a robust foundation to the project, O12 conducted a retail safari with the Fiskars team, exploring everything from communication messaging to product value perception. Workshops were also held with the Fiskars team to gain greater understanding of each brand and its positioning. The most evident finding was this missed opportunity for merchandising variances of strong premium brand positioning. Resulting an inconsistent and unclear customer journey at store level, with no clear direction or focal point of brands and products.


By using three key principles of attract, engage and connect, O12 designed a series of clear merchandising and communication structures to assist in brand territories and limit autonomous store initiatives.

Due to the nature of outlet retailing there is a need to accommodate high volumes of stock which suggested where common issues were stemming from. With fragile products displayed in precarious towers, visual merchandising being at inappropriate heights, competitive discounting, and incorrect scale of communications due to sheer volume of products.
It was agreed amongst teams that there was a need for establishing a clear visual merchandising and communication structure to assist in territories and limit autonomous store initiatives. To be accompanied by fixtures that allow flexibility while preventing bad practice.
O12 approached the project with three key principles, attract, engage and connect. Firstly, attracting customer via showcasing the brand and its products in a pure and simple way. Engaging content and visual cues telling brand stories and connecting with customers through clear and tactile communication.
Working closely with the Fiskars team, O12 created a series of mechanics and mechanisms to provide flexibility and structure to ensure the store could evolve and adapt due to the nature of their unknown stock, instead of stores being reactive.
To help define the customer journey a series of lifestyle display systems that hero products were created. Made with capacity to carry high volumes of stock in a tiered manner using principles of attract, an engage and connect. Designed with honest and natural materials reflecting the craftmanship of the brand. Curated VM displays with cross merchandised room sets providing upsell opportunities via horizontal surfaces and soft marmoleum finishes. At the heart of the store a multi- branded attract showpiece table to inspire and delight customers.


The outlet store performance has increased by providing a holistic customer journey, encouraging inspiration and customers to shop the whole space.

By providing clear brand hero drops that also aid navigation, enabled focussed storytelling for all brands hosted in the store. Due to the nature of the products inspiration need to be stimulated throughout the experience in the store in which O12 delivered using simple, tactile and flexible devices such as the multi-branded attract showpiece table that can be easily managed by store staff.

O12’s worked on the project has led to increased outlet store performance through the increase if sales volume and value. After the delivery of the toolkit the relationship subsequently developed and O12 have further supported and delivered stores throughout Europe and Asia. More recently O12 are currently working on delivering three flagship stores throughout China and Germany.

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