Create content for Nike on Foot Locker Socials and eCommerce channels during Covid-19.

For the first time in history, the majority of non-essential retail closed its doors all over the world for a number of weeks due to the coronavirus outbreak. This posed several challenges not only for O12 but for our clients too. As a reaction to Covid-19, we reached out to our clients to hold strategic workshops in order to provide support through this challenging time.

One of Nike’s challenges was how they were going to create digital content with their influencer network during this time. With the limitations of social distancing and global lockdowns, this made photoshoots and contact near impossible. Nike provided us with a recent consumer insights study and challenged us to come up with a solution.


A digital concept that can be utilised across all platforms, sparking inspiration among its target audience and being a key driver for product launches online.

We wanted to approach this brief with the aim of creating something out of the ordinary, but also something that could mimic the same effect that Nike’s digital content was achieving pre the pandemic. Using Nike’s consumer insights at the core of the design we worked in collaboration with Waste Studios, Creative Director Norm to create a series of illustrated influencers, that would hold no logistical or geographical limitations.

Using the combination of exaggeration and Tokyo street style adaption, O12 x Waste Studios were able to creatively tap into Foot Lockers target consumers with a series of illustrations, dynamic animations, and content. The idea concept was to look beyond just content generation and to use the mechanic to promote upcoming product launches. Dressing the character in clothes that were associated with the product launch and making them clickable into the real-life product for purchase.

We also made sure that the illustration tapped into key cities and adapt localised styling which resonates with the target audience. The concept continued to develop throughout its journey and has now been commissioned for a family of influencers, that will live on Foot Lockers social channels and website.


Created disruption to the Foot Locker Social feed and contributed to product launch sales.

As the character was developed internal teams began to champion the concept and it grew from one illustration to the creation of a family of illustrated influencers. Foot Locker fans engaged with the posts and product launches. A single illustrated post received over 29,000 likes and contributed towards an increase in sales to the items it wore.

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