A full design and install of a new office space that embodies the persona of the company, providing a positive and energetic working environment.

A Leicester based events agency, Imperial Corporate Events (ICE) briefed Office Twelve to design and install their new office space in the recently vacated, Leicester Mercury building. Due to the business’ growing success, they needed to expand into a new office space. In addition to the move ICE wanted to take the opportunity to advocate the businesses culture in the working environment, something that was not being adopted currently. The move would see the office space change from being split out over two floors to a single floor, open plan environment.

The company youthfulness, optimism and energy needed to be the blue print of the whole design. The criteria of the deign had to include spaces that would promote collaborative working, team areas that would generate a feeling of family and break out social areas. An all-encompassing space that creates a sense of motivation and inspiration upon entering the office space.


A colourful, vibrant interior that’s been designed to motivate and inspire employees, offering a selection of working spaces that promote collaboration.

Office Twelve’s creative team worked closely with senior management to gain a full understanding of the business and its culture, a youthful and energetic ecosystem that encourages employees to be part of the bigger picture.
To maximise the client’s budget Office Twelve minimised structural works and relied on the use of primary colours that evoke energy and empowerment. Quotes and words handpicked from the client were transformed into super scaled graphics occupying wall surfaces throughout the space, inspiring motivation as soon as people walk through the door.

Corporate Space design

Most of the space would be occupied by telesales personnel; therefore, a simple partition to create a sound barrier was transformed into a feature wall. By purposely using colour glazing tints, the natural light that enters the building travels through the multicoloured glass that spells out determination, creating a feel-good ambience.

Moving away from a traditional structured office environment, the sales floor area was placed in the middle of the space wrapped by social areas around the perimeter. This Allows employees to easily transition from a hard-working environment to playful, light hearted community areas, featuring ICE’s very own branded pool table.

The office design also features areas for team talks with a podium and tiered seating allowing senior management to give a daily briefing. Collaboration booths, smaller private offices, socialisation zones with a canteen.


A design that strongly reflects the company’s culture and has helped to increase staff motivation and retention.

A work hard, play hard office space that has an increase in employee engagement and motivation as well as staff retention. The space ties in with the clients growing success and plans for the future, already seeing 12 new recruits joining the Leicester team since the office move.

Imperial Corporate Event feel very strongly about promoting their own business but feel more strongly about promoting corporate hospitality as a career, they believe their new offices is helping to achieve that.

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