Assist in the design and delivery of an experiential concept that offers customers more than just an environment where apparel can be purchased.

O12 have worked with Lyle & Scott for over 5 five years, becoming a strategic partner supporting their European growth strategy. Firstly, by designing their Cheshire Oaks outlet which subsequently lead to a more strategic relationship. O12 were tasked with not only elevating the Lyle & Scott outlet offering, but to help bring consistency across their wider retail estate with a concept that celebrated the heritage of the brand. O12 supported their outlet offering but have also helped to bring consistency to their wider retail estate and have now delivered four new European stores: Stockholm, Utrecht, Amsterdam, Rotterdam over the past two years.

More recently Lyle & Scott revaluated their retail proposition at their Edinburgh Flagship store. As their strategic partner O12 were commissioned to assist with the design and delivery of the space. Lyle & Scott aspirations for the store were to celebrate their brand heritage whilst also resonating with today’s consumer by offering something different from other retailers. An experiential concept that offers customers more than just an environment where apparel can be purchased.


A strategised design concept that provides opportunities for customers to shop but also stimulates conversation and interactions whilst being immersed in the brand culture within the space.

Supporting Lyle & Scott on their progressive and forward-thinking approach to retail. A strategic decision was made to sacrifice shoppable retail to create memorable experiences, as a result the store was designed on a 3:1 ratio. This approach allows the brand to connect with their target audience on a more relevant, deeper and meaningful level building greater customer loyalty and engagement.

Moving away from tradition, the store was not designed to purely sell product, a coffee shop barbers, and bespoke Lyle & Scott tailoring / customisation service were all designed and installed into the space. The methodology behind the concept was to design a unique space to promote conversations and interactions, a place for people to meet, socialise, grab a coffee and watch the football whilst been immersed within the spirit and culture of the brand.

O12’s technical expertise was utilised throughout key designs allowing the Lyle & Scott vision to come to life. Throughout the design process O12 were sympathetic toward the pre-existing building structure using simple and honest materials harmonising the overall look and feel of the store.

Storytelling of the brand heritage via graphics and main stage bar are present along with the iconic Lyle & Scott eagle in both mosaic and painted form. Achieving brand immersion as soon as a visitor walks in the door.


The new and improved Edinburgh flagship store now plays homage to its very own Lyle & Scott’s events providing customers with a space to interact and purchase.

By creating an all-encompassing experience along with key design features that stimulate dwell time amongst customers, the new Edinburgh flagship store has seen a large increase in footfall, sales and repeat custom.

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