Work with in-house teams to execute and install a window display that would bring illustrations to life, delighting passers-by drawing footfall into the store.

Office Twelve were selected by department store Magasin du Nord to partner up with their in-house team, to execute a Christmas window display. Illustrations were provided by Danish Illustrator, Mette Boesgaard, Office Twelves task was to bring the story to life. The display was to be installed at their flagship store in Copenhagen, spanning over eleven 3-metre-high windows, overlooking the largest square in the city, Kongens Nytorv.

More importantly the design and execution had to be nothing less than showstopping, considering Christmas is the most important part of the year for Magasin du Nord.


Office Twelve worked closely with in-house teams and a Danish illustrator, Mette Boesgaard to bring to life Magasin du Nord’s very own Christmas character Veronica, first seen in 1936. The creative concept was based on original illustrations by Mette Boesgaard.

Office Twelve’s creative team looked at ways to develop the concept, ensuring the execution would create a sense of endearment among onlookers. By using multi layering techniques, light and elements of movement, each story was brought to life.

Through each of the 11 windows is a story of Veronica and her adventures as she searches for the perfect gift, in a theatrical wonderland. Each window tells a different story as hand draw Veronica makes her way through different departments such as fashion, home wear and fragrance. Beautifully arranged product displays showcased brands and product offerings that can be sourced from inside the store.

The design’s development and execution created endearment throughout each window, using multi layering techniques and elements of movement, subsequently bringing each story to life.


We had an idea and the illustrations, and a couple of months later Office Twelve brought every picture to life, creating spectacular Christmas windows.

Magasin du Nord had an extremely successful Christmas and went on to win the 2017 VM Christmas Awards with this project, in the category of department store. A huge achievement particularly as it was shortlisted alongside two world famous London flagship giants, Hamleys and Harvey Nichcols. Both of which hold long-standing reputations for their famously know Christmas windows.

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