An all-encompassing in-store activation and engaging experience that reflects the personality of the React Element 55.

Ahead of the launch of the new Nike React Element 55 colourway exclusive to FootLocker, O12 were tasked to create a concept that would attract, engage and connect with the customer at all touchpoints of the store, and ultimately motivate purchase. There was also a need to introduce the personality of the React Element 55 as part of the launch, driving distinction between performance and lifestyle and how the shoe benefits both categories having been designed for the unapologetic consumer. This concept was to be installed for the opening of the FootLocker, Milan Buenos Aires store.


Exaggeration was used throughout the whole design to reflect the reaction of the element Caesium to create impact with consumers. From windows to attract footfall to engagement zones that led to activation areas to stimulate experience and purchase.

To assist in introducing the colourway to the targeted consumer, storytelling of the product had to be evident throughout the store from street level to engagement zones. A key driver in the design concept was the silhouettes name ‘React 55’ which references to the element Caesium, number 55 in the periodic table. Caesium is the most reactive element in nature, it distorts air and water to deliver raw explosive energy out to the world. O12 put this at the heart of the design concept and utilised exaggeration in order to create distortion of what is normal and familiar to create something unpredictable throughout all displays of the product.

To attract footfall to the store at street level, O12 emphasised the explosive power of the product by creating a window display that resembled a shattered crater with the shoe its centre. With a glowing iridescent backdrop bounded by hazard tape purely strengthening the highly reactive volatile nature of the products personality.

Following on from this theme, within the entrance of the store was an engagement takeover zone with three podiums heroing the product. A multiscreen digital backdrop playing digitally sourced chemical reaction (change to reaction) clips with exposed wiring were placed in the area, to further create impact and disruption between product and consumer.

To support a clear customer journey within the space, O12 created digital stair risers to lead the customer to the activation zone. To encourage greater engagement an activation zone for play and experiential purposes was designed for greater product engagement on the second floor. An abstract science lab where a series of experiments could be conducted by customers. Customer where able to mix different elements to create foam, speakers were filled with glitter resembling the colourway which were activated when touched. Props such as microscopes and retort stands decorated the area to assist with the product story and narrative. Deconstructed shoe components inspired customers to play and explore various design features of the shoe. Heat mapping pads were used to illustrate the technology used to shape the foam of the shoe.


The personality of the product was successfully launched into the target market through design and engagement which resulted in higher levels of purchase.

By combining graphics, interactive elements, digital content and a clear customer journey, the space achieved the overarching strategy of storytelling to motivate purchase by amplifying the personality of the product at store level.

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