Steven Stone is a family-run business founded in 1937. In the 80-plus years that have followed, Steven Stone has built its reputation on high quality, personalised service and is one of the few brands with in-house workshops, where skilled craftspeople bring every piece to life using the finest materials.

The team approached O12 to help them design their third showroom in the centre of Manchester, the showroom was to reflect the brands ethos and put customers at the centre of the experience creating a personal and intimate experience.


O12 Worked with the Steven Stone team to create a unique Showroom concept that provides a personal and intimate experience.

The showroom is in an elevated position on the top floor of a building in an up-and-coming area in Spinningfields district in Manchester to connect with a new audience and connect with their growing customer base.

O12 Worked with the team to design a seamless customer experience that facilitates the various customers and products on offer. Upon entering, O12 created an arrival moment and decompression zone to allow customers to orientate themselves, this leads into an inspiration area where staff can provide welcome drinks for their customers and discuss their requirements, review look books, diamond grading and sample jewellery. This area also functions as a space to carry out diamond workshops and create social content.

Further into the space there are product collection displays for customers to explore alongside an informal lounge environment for relaxed consultations. In addition, there is a customisation zone where customers can have a consultation and receive 3d protypes via the 3D printing service for both designing new and remodelling old jewellery.

At the rear of the showroom there are more intimate consultation areas allowing customers, couples, and families to feel comfortable. To put product at the centre of the experience the consultation areas feature dark grey walls, floors and seating with light table tops, illuminated allowing the customers focus to be on the jewellery at the centre of the experience. All areas have been designed to maximise the customer experience as well as providing facilities and tools to provide the best possible Steven Stone experience.

Opening Soon

The Steven Stone Showroom in central Manchester in set to open July 2021.
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