A pre-seed exhibition style event that celebrated the return of the ‘Concord’ Jordan 11s that would start in Paris and later move to London.  

Office twelve were given a two-week lead time to provide the creative direction, production and installation of a travelling exhibition ‘The Grail Tour’ celebrating the return of the ‘Concord’ Jordan 11’s.

Working closely with the Nike Neighbourhood Team, Office Twelve were asked to design and create an interactive approach for gifting items to key influencers that would attend the private first day event, before it opened up to the public.

This was to be one of the largest projects that Office Twelve have worked on with the Nike Neighbourhood Team. It required to have the ability to be installed into the Paris SNS store, repackaged and shipped over to be reconfigured into the London SNS store.

Office Twelve had a fixed budget, a two-week turnaround for an exhibition that would interpret not only the Jordon brand but the SNS account too.


A personalised, interactive journey for influencers, paired with an exhibition that used insight-led design, pedestalling the ‘Concord’ release.

The design was created to encourage individuals to interact with the event and their gifts adding theatre to the experience.

Several whitewashed lockers with numbers assigned to each individual were made, along with their own elegantly designed personalised box.

Within the box containing a branded whistle and key to open the locker.

To incite interactivity with its audience, the design of the lockers required a break through of tissue paper to access their handpicked gifts.

An added extra to achieve an ‘Instagram’ able moment’ worthy of being talked about by its attendees.

Larger lockers were used to hero the famously worn shoes.

A simple design with subtle illumination and hints of purple allowed the shoes to be striking all by themselves.

The design followed a clear replication and inspiration of an exhibition, with copy blocks, digitally framed content and glassed boxed jerseys.


A highly successful pre-seed event that contributed to the overall reach of ‘The Grail Tour’ and the awareness of the release.

A pre-seed exhibition that brought high volumes of attention to the trainer release.

Large amounts of user generated content across social media platforms were triggered as part of the event.

The creative execution of the event acted as a core creative direction for the Nike North Team and set the tone for the remaining Northern retail estate, as ‘The Grail Tour’ continued to make its way around other countries.

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