O12 were asked to produce a mobile shop in shop concept for the launch of UGG’s FW20 Campaign in Germany. Ugg wanted to create an immersive and playful creative built around the feeling of UGG. The space needed to be a tactile experience with soft curved lines and textures to create a sensory experience mimicking the textures of UGG. The space was required to capture the attention of the customers by offering a platform for a travelling instore experience together supported by a social media campaign to stimulate customer engagement across key destinations in Europe.


O12 created an environment that echoed the feeling of UGG, using soft textures, premium materials and colour pallets that complimented the FW20 Launch. At first the concept was for two department stores however, the elevated design expanded to over six different locations. With a keen consideration of mobility within the design, the O12 team approached the development of the concept by creating modular displays that enabled the easy transport and implementation of the concession that could flex and adapt to various retail environments. Research and insights into the variations of fixtures, space, and customer flow across a spectrum of retailers allowed the design to function in any premium retail environment. A knowledge of existing fixtures helped in elevating the pop-up by overlaying the material palette of the concept on to retailer-owned furniture. Solid surface table toppers and graphic overlays echoed the UGG brand whilst subtle touches of natural colour rugs and soft furnishing evoked senses of joy and comfort that resonate with the brand aesthetic.


The concept has already appeared in four locations throughout Germany and is soon heading to its fifth. The success of the travelling brand experience has resulted in the commissioning of O12 to create a similar concept for locations in Sweden. Jim Bout, EMEA Trade / Whole Marketing Manager Decker Brands stated ‘The O12 team has been able to understand our brand and its identity quickly and has translated this into a successful pop-up retail execution that brought our product categories perfectly together.’

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