A design package for the interior of the Watford FC Club Shop that reflects their Premier League status.

Following Watford Football Club’s promotion to the Premier League, the Club underwent a large refurbishment programme.

As a result, Office Twelve were invited to tender for the interior design of the new 200 square metre architect-designed club shop space.

The design requirements needed to reflect the architectural feel of the building and integrate the Clubs history.

Due to the overall investment, the Club had to be confident that the design package would be optimised to support the increase in footfall and sales the promotion would generate.

The design had to be consistent and future proof for the continued success of the club.


A design package that mirrors the Club Shops architectural outer, along with a solution to manage high volumes of footfall and purchasing on match days.

Office Twelve created an internal brief among their designers to ensure the design package was underpinned by a strategy to assist in meeting the client’s requirements of increased footfall and overall sales of the Club Shop.

In order to achieve this Office Twelve, developed a floor planning document that highlighted three key areas of the customer journey; mannequin moments, the printing theatre and purchase areas.

Combining this with the deconstruction of the visual identity, Office Twelve made their own interpretation of the club shop’s design to make it worthy of Premier League status.

The entry of the store invites visitors in via the mannequin moment area, where the story and heritage of the club begins to be told backed up by audio visuals.

The customer flow then approaches home merchandise and casual apparel, where versatile floor fixtures were designed specifically for multipurpose use.

All displayed on cleverly, high end designed wall bays and fixtures, amplifying the space and design language with large graphic opportunities.


A club shop that has the capability to manage high volumes of customer footfall and reflects the club’s history through modern design.

The Club Shop is easy to navigate, even on match days when there is an increase in footfall in the shop. This has been made manageable due to the systems that were put in place in the purchasing area.

Collectively with clearly defined zones and segmentation of key products ranges and collections, the customer journey has become homogeneous.

On the first day of opening, Watford FC sold out all the mains lines of their merchandise.

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