To support on the delivery of four stores across China, including technical design, project management and production roll out.

Wedgwood wanted to create an immersive retail experience surrounding their fine china collections. This store concept was to be installed in four locations throughout China, and the experience would include areas of tea testing where customers could experience the fine china as part of their buying process within the retail space itself. Office Twelve were approached by Wedgwood, as part of their partnership with the wider Fiskars group, to support on the design pack, technical development, project management and delivery of the stores in the four locations – Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Xiamen.


Technical design that was executed with materials and fixtures that echoed the premium positioning of the Wedgwood brand.

O12’s overarching aim was to preserve the integrity of the overall concept, by supporting through technical design and delivery. By interpreting Wedgwood’s retail toolkit and translating these aspects into the technical design pack, O12 developed this further in conjunction with suppliers in China, working closely with both the client and supplier teams to ensure Wedgwood’s retail vision was brought to life.

Each store had a delivery timeframe of six weeks, a shorter timeframe to work within than a ‘typical’ store. With the shorter turnaround, O12 did not want to sacrifice any aspects of the project nor the brand. The need to identify suitable contractors in China, as well as the supply of materials that echoed the premium brand of Wedgwood, was paramount. Ensuring that specifications, materials and quality were all achieved to match the brand’s aspirations was the number one priority for O12.


All four stores have now been delivered in four locations throughout China - maintaining brand consistency throughout each store, sparking conversations and inspiring customers to express themselves through their own personal style.

Throughout the process of delivering the stores, O12 ensured the consistency of the luxury retail experience was maintained from site to site. Although the design and delivery were completed on one store as O12 moved onto the next, regular team review sessions were held during the roll out process to understand how each space was working once consumers were interacting with them. O12 worked continuously to review fixtures and refine technical elements, allowing the spaces each to become the best they could be, and further enhancing the Wedgewood retail offering.

All four stores are now successful additions to the Wedgwood retail estate. Wedgwood’s aim was to encourage conversations, and to inspire people to focus more on their own homes and become confident in expressing their own personal style, which they are proving to have achieved.

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