Zut alors! C’est Nous!

Not Colette, but something nous…

Just three weeks after Parisian fashionistas wept over the loss of Colette after 20 years, news breaks that the team behind it opened a new concept store on Monday. But before we all rush to Paris, it’s not good news for everyone.

The new store, located at 48 Rue Cambon in the swanky 1st arrondissement and called Nous, will focus on men with no women’s fashion or cosmetics.

Former staff members of Colette are behind the Nous concept, including Sébastien Chapelle, director of the high tech and watchmaking division, and Marvin Dein, head of the sneakers department. Nous will focus on streetwear and high tech products in the 150 sq.m. space alongside an eclectic mix of eyewear, accessories and books.

“This is not Colette 2.0,” Dein said in a press interview. “It’s simply two people who worked there through to the end, because we were happy there, who learned a lot on the job, and who met a lot of people, brands and salespeople who trust us to continue the story that we shared in a new boutique.”

Brands will include StampdBorn x RaisedNeighborhood and Billionaire Boys Club, as well as the premium sneaker brands like Converse and Vans. The focus will be on exclusive, high level products with plans to extend support to young brands. Their first clothing collab will be with L.A.-based collective Rokit.

Each month, different artists and designers will be invited to take over the store’s windows. We’ll definitely be dropping in.

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